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Our Story

From the Founder

We launched BK Beauty by creating the perfect makeup brushes that are not only functional but equally as beautiful, with a luxurious feel and flawless performance. As a professional makeup artist, I know how important the right brushes are for creating the perfect look.

In addition to making great products and teaching women how to use makeup, our brand is known for celebrating beauty inside and out. With every purchase a donation is made to inspire kindness. 

The “BK” in our company’s name came from my two daughters Brooklyn and Kate. It also stands for “Beauty” is “Kindness”, which is at the heart of our company’s mission, and my personal mission as a mother, to teach my girls about true beauty. 

As a mom to two young daughters, I worry about the message today’s society teaches them about “beauty”. As they get older, I also worry about the pressures they will face on social media—something I struggle with daily. It led me to use my platform to ignite a conversation around inner beauty, and the importance of being kind to others and to ourselves. 

Forever grateful, 💜

Lisa J

About BK Beauty

BK Beauty is a digitally-native cosmetics brand founded in 2019 by former MAC Cosmetics trainer and YouTube creator Lisa J (@lisajmakeup), whose content teaches women how to use makeup in an easy and attainable way. Since starting her channel, Lisa has created hundreds of videos that have been viewed by millions of people around the world.

While educating consumers and launching products to significant fanfare, BK Beauty is actively expanding its line of 100% cruelty-free, vegan beauty tools and makeup products.

BK Beauty is also known for celebrating beauty, both inside and out. With every purchase a donation is made to support the The Kindness Campaign (TKC), a nonprofit that helps children build social emotional health at home and in the classroom — Being Kind is Beautiful.™

We invite you to explore our content and products.